The Cost of A $1000 Wedding Dress

Feb 27, 2018

Wait, did that make sense? Wouldn’t a $1000 dress BE $1000? Yes of course it should be! Wedding dresses prices can vary quite a bit, anywhere from a $100 end of season sale to $10,000 couture designers. Whatever your price range is, there is a beautiful dress out there for every bride.

Now back to the main subject. There are some big box stores out there who constantly have sales going on, which is so enticing, but are you really saving in the end? There’s sometimes a stigma about boutiques being “high end”, but the best thing you can do when you’re ready to find your wedding dress is to research! Research the websites, read those reviews, call or email the store with questions ahead of time before you pick the store you feel is your best match according to your price range and style.

Yes, maybe you’re busy and you want your sister, best friend or mom to set up your dress shopping day, but do yourself a favor and save yourself the stress and find a store that matches your vibe best so you have success in your shopping experience!

We feel confident in the designers we carry because we are picky and being picky allows us to have dresses that combines a few important requirements: unique style + quality + affordable pricing = value.

To give you a better idea of what a $1000 dress means from us versus the “big box”, check out our comparison below.

We understand it’s important to watch your finances when it comes to planning your wedding and we are with you! We pick all of our designers with you in mind, whether it means you’re getting a lot of value for the price, the latest styles and trends, exclusivity, or easy customization options.

The take away message is this, your dress will be the most self-expressive garment you will ever wear. It’s also one of the many decisions you’ll be making for one of the most important days in your life. We have done the hard work for you, are you ready to see why so many brides have said “yes” with us?

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