At Bucci's Bridal, we believe every bride deserves a personalized experience with a team of consultants to help you style your complete bridal ensemble. Our goal is to provide you with expert styling service with beautiful, high-quality wedding dresses, while seeing how fun and easy finding your dress can be!

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Hi everyone, I'm Anna, the owner of Bucci's Bridal. My husband, Mike, and I run this small business together. We pride ourselves on offering an experience to brides that exceeds all expectations through a curated collection of wedding dresses that are unique, yet affordable. You can expect personalized customer service in an inviting boutique at Bucci's.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the bridal dress shopping experience and pride ourselves on being leaders in the bridal boutique standard. We keep it simple, easy, and relaxed! 


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Hello future brides! I’m Alyssa and I’ve always loved working in fashion helping people find what they are looking for. Bucci’s is the perfect fit working with amazing brides and absolutely stunning dresses!

Listening to the brides envision their wedding and helping them find the perfect dress is the best part of my job; I love being there when the brides say “YES” to their dress! 

When I am not busy at Bucci’s, I love spending time with my fiancé, friends and my family. I’d love to hear about how you met your fiancé and the moment you knew they were the one!



Hello future brides! I'm Erin and I have always had a passion for the wedding industry, especially the dresses! (Not kidding - when I was little, I wanted to be Jennifer Lopez from The Wedding Planner when I grew up!) Working at Bucci's has been an amazing experience as I love the people I work with and the brides I get to meet.

My goal when working with my brides is to connect with them on a personal level and find them a dress that truly fits their personality and style. I want every bride to have the best experience from the moment they walk through the door to the celebration with their loved ones when they find the perfect dress! 

When I am not playing dress up with my brides, I am usually on a plane heading to the Disney parks or to run a marathon. I can't wait to help you find your perfect dress and pop the bubbly!




Hello gorgeous brides! I’m Gabby and I can’t wait to help you find the dress you’ve always dreamed of for your perfect day! Bucci’s is the perfect place to meet you and celebrate your special moment! 

My favorite thing is seeing brides’ faces light up when they know the dress they have on is the one. I am so excited to hear about all the details you’ve envisioned so you feel beautiful and confident saying “YES” to the dress! Then let’s pop the champagne! 

When I’m not styling at Bucci’s, I love trying new restaurants around Milwaukee and hanging out with friends. I can’t wait to see your beautiful ring and hear all about your fiancé!


Hi beautiful brides-to-be! I’m Tess, and I can’t wait to help you find your perfect dress here at Bucci’s for your special day! 

Helping brides find a dress that makes them look and feel their absolute best is my favorite part of my job! I can’t wait to hear all about you and your wedding so we can find that perfect dress! 

When I’m not styling at Bucci’s, I love traveling and exploring different restaurants throughout the city! Let’s pop the champagne and say “YES” to your dress! 





Hi beautiful brides! I’m Meghan and I have always been obsessed with bridal fashion! I can’t wait to meet you and help you find the perfect dress for your big day!

Watching a bride fall in love with her dream dress and getting to be there when she says “YES!” is my favorite part of working at Bucci’s! I can’t wait to help you celebrate with a glass of champagne!

When I am not styling, I love spending time with my husband and dog on the lake, checking out new restaurants, and traveling! 

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