Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Nov 12, 2019

Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Written by: Zola

Eco-friendly weddings are trending as more and more couples opt for sustainable practices to cut down on event waste. Traditionally, most items at weddings are single-use, and therefore wasteful. Annually, 63 tons of CO2 get released into the air from U.S. weddings alone. One wedding produces 400 pounds of garbage on average.

Couples who embrace eco-friendly weddings are looking at things such as wedding location, decor, fashion, and food differently. And in addition to being more sustainable, these eco-friendly wedding planning tips are also saving couples money. It’s a win-win! 

Check out some of our favorite eco-friendly wedding suggestions below to find out how you can make your wedding more sustainable.  

  1. Choose an eco-conscious venue: Hosting an eco-friendly celebration starts with the wedding venue. Working with a like-minded venue will make things such as recycling and responsible waste removal a whole lot easier, because they probably already have these sustainable practices baked into their routine. When touring venues, ask about their environmental certifications, such LEED certifications and Energy Star ratings, to find out what steps they’ve already taken to make their venue less wasteful.
  2. Go paperless: The digital era has made going paperless easier than ever. Ditch the vendor packets in favor of a vendor PDF! You can make 

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    a free wedding website that makes communicating details with your guests streamlined and simple. Also try sending digital save-the-dates and invites on recycled paper.

  3. Host the ceremony and reception outside: Cut down onelectricity by taking your party to the great outdoors! If you opt to host your ceremony and reception at the same site, you’ll also cut down on carbon emissions.
  4. Stage a sustainable exit: Don’t litter on your way out the door. Ditch traditional confetti in favor of an eco-friendly alternative such as an olive leaf toss (switch these out for fall leaves if you’re getting married during fall foliage season!)
  5. Arrange transportation: Rather than having guests arrange their own travel to and from your venue, consider renting a shuttle to transport everyone. You’ll eliminate the risk of drinking and driving while also reducing the need for multiple cars and multiple carbon emissions.
  6. Choose seasonal flowers: Sustainable floral is another great way to cut down your carbon footprint. Purchase flowers from a local vendor and make sure your bulbs are in season to prevent the need for cross-country transportation.

    Photography: DeGroot

  7. Buy vintage accessories: Add a timeless look to your wedding outfit with antique earrings or a vintage coat.
  8. Embrace candlelight: Set a romantic mood with candlelight. This moody lighting alternative lets you cut the electricity and will also help you keep bugs away if you’re hosting your celebration outside.
  9. Hire the right caterer: One of the biggest contributors to waste on your wedding day is food. Ditch a traditional caterer in favor of a local, farm-to-table caterer that will serve a seasonal menu. Your ingredients will be fresh and purchased from local farms if you go this route. Reduce clunky and wasteful food displays by asking about grazing tables. You can also consider vegetarian and vegan menu offerings.  

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